Fortive Business System

Fortive Business System

Our Culture: The Fortive Business System

Portescap is part of the Industrial Technologies family within Fortive. Fortive's motion platform is one of the world's largest providers of motion control technologies. We help customers control their worlds of quality, costs, delivery and business by the use of the Fortive Business System (FBS).

Success at Fortive doesn't just happen. We have a proven system for achieving it. FBS is who we are and how we operate.

From evaluating acquisitions and driving new product development to streamlining factory operations and providing our employees with development opportunities, FBS is the foundation of everything we do.

FBS is the cornerstone of our culture and our ultimate competitive advantage. It drives every aspect of our work, our strategy and our performance. We use FBS to guide our decisions, measure how well we execute and develop innovative ways to do even better.

The Evolution of FBS
FBS is based on a system with a proven track record. Our story starts in the mid-1980s, when a Danaher operating company (Jacobs Vehicle Systems, now part of Fortive) faced intensifying competition with an improvement effort based on lean manufacturing principles. The initiative exceeded expectations and evolved into the Danaher Business System (DBS), a set of core values and management processes that came to define the Danaher culture. When Fortive separated from Danaher in 2016, DBS formed the foundation of Fortive’s FBS.

FBS embraces and builds on DBS. It propels Fortive through a continuous cycle of change and improvement. Extraordinary teams are inspired by world-class tools and processes that drive continuous improvement, innovation for our customers and superior performance for our shareholders. Superior performance and high expectations attract extraordinary people, who continue the cycle.

Today, our outstanding team–24,000 strong, with experienced leaders steeped in DBS–puts FBS into action every day, in a culture of continuous improvement and outstanding performance.

FBS Tools
FBS is a proven blueprint for our success. Our powerful FBS processes drive excellence for both new acquisitions and established businesses in three areas:

  • Growth: Increase and accelerate revenue growth and market expansion
  • Lean: Streamline processes and eliminate waste to continuously improve quality, delivery and cost for our customers
  • Leadership: Attract and develop the best leaders, teams and team members

At the core is a set of tools, the FBS Fundamentals, used by all Fortive employees to drive results and improvement across Growth, Lean and Leadership. These tools–Voice of the Customer, Value Stream Mapping, Kaizen Basics, Lean Conversion, Accelerated Product Development, Daily Management and Problem Solving–drive performance across every aspect of our business.

Collectively, FBS processes create a strong competitive advantage.

  • They are shared across all of Fortive’s operating companies.
  • They are rigorously applied and sustained over time by the entire Fortive team.
  • They have been tested and integrated into our core values.
  • They are designed to yield the highest impact for our customers and our shareholders.

“One of the truly great things about Fortive is that we get to bring FBS into the company with the same passion, energy and tenacity that's made Danaher so successful. It's our foundation for growth and profitability over time.” Jim Lico, President and CEO

FBS is always evolving, as new tools and processes are developed and shared across the company’s portfolio. After all, FBS is rooted in the belief that we can always do better–we will continually improve so we can continually outperform. FBS is our foundation for growth and profitability over time, making Fortive uniquely positioned to drive superior results for many years to come.