motors for automation

Portescap offers a wide range of miniature motor technologies to meet the needs of demanding automation applications. Our miniature motors provide high torque density, long life and high efficiency to maximize performance of automation technology, to reduce cost of ownership and to improve reliability.

Typical Motor Requirements 

Other Applications 

Inspection Robots Scanners Electronic Assembly

Humanoid Robot

Coreless motor technology offers high power density and efficiency for agile robots.

Pick & Place

High performance motors for automation improve machine throughput and accuracy to pick and place components faster.

Material handling

Smooth motion and improved accuracy at higher speeds increase machine throughput and handling performance.

Textile Yarn Guide

Unparalleled acceleration of disc magnet technology increases the reliability and productivity of textile machinery.

Conveyor System

Brush and brushless DC technology solutions provide system reliability and control in transporting parts in a demanding factory environment.