Motors for Powered Plastic Surgery Devices

Powered Plastic Surgery Devices
Powered Plastic Surgery Devices


Whether it's a liposuction or skin-grafting instrument, plastic surgery tools need to be precise, ergonomic and effective. Portescap provides surgeons the power, speed and control to achieve excellent surgical results with a broad line of miniature electric motors.

Portescap's high-power-density customizable motors provide the most power and speed in the smallest, lightest envelope possible. Additionally, Portescap's encoder and hall sensor options allow for precise speed and torque control during operatio. As well, sterilizable options, that are able to achieve over 1,000 autoclave cycles, help increase device life and reduce total device cost for the end customer.


  • Lightweight, compact solutions allow ergonomic mobility and visual access to the surgical site

  • High torque and speed to quickly and effectively complete procedures

  • Consistent smooth and reliable operation with precise control

  • Sterilizable to 1,000+ autoclave cycles to help reduce end customer total cost

  • Cannulated motors and gear motor options to allow ergonomic aspiration and evacuation of tissue through the surgical device

  • Design and materials to reduce temperature rise during operation and maximize surgeon comfort

Customization Options 

  • Electrical magnetic coil customization to meet exact device torque and speed needs

  • Custom output shaft and housing interface features

  • High level assembly integration

  • Autoclavable or non-autoclavable designs available

  • Custom mechanical designs for added reliability

  • Precision encoder and hall sensor options available


Specification + Detail
Model Diameter{%BR%}(in) Diameter{%BR%}(mm) Max No-Load Current{%BR%}(mA) No-Load Speed{%BR%}(rpm) Continuous Stall Torque{%BR%}(mNm) Continuous Stall Torque{%BR%}(oz-in) Continuous Stall Current{%BR%}(A) Peak Torque for 1s{%BR%}(mNm) Peak Torque for 1s{%BR%}(oz-in) Torque Constant (oz-in/A) Torque Constant (mNm/A)
ENT Microdebrider (24V) 0.50 12.7 855 11,829 39.5 5.60 2.44 449.3 63.6 2.40 17.00
ENT Microdebrider (48V) 0.50 12.7 375 11,910 41.3 5.90 1.27 490.7 69.5 4.80 34.10
Arthroscopic Joint Shaver (7.2k rpm) 0.65 16.5 645 7,277 117.7 16.70 4.37 1 865.2 264.1 4.00 28.30
Arthroscopic Joint Shaver (4.2k rpm) 0.65 16.5 600 4,233 119.4 16.90 2.59 1 110.1 157.2 6.86 48.50


Specification + Detail
Model Diameter{%BR%}(in) Diameter{%BR%}(mm) No-Load Speed{%BR%}(rpm) No-Load Current{%BR%}(mA) Output Power{%BR%}(W) Stall Torque{%BR%}(oz-in) Stall Torque{%BR%}(mNm) Torque up to{%BR%}(oz-in) Torque up to{%BR%}(mNm) Torque Constant (oz-in/A) Torque Constant (mNm/A)
16DCT Athlonix - Precious metal 0.63 16 7,970 9.4 4.2 1.81 12.77 0.76 5.36 1.52 10.7