Brushless Motor Manufacturer

As a leading Brushless DC motor manufacturer, Portescap helps optimize your application performance through precise motion control. Our manufacturing facilities and global supply chain ensure cost-effectiveness, continuity, and timeliness of supply, making us a preferred vendor for a large number of customers worldwide.

With over 70 years of experience in motion control, we have R & D centers of excellence and customer service in all major regions of the world supporting our customers’ local needs. We partner with our customers in every phase of their product design – from selecting the optimal brushless dc motion solution to customizing products to meet their application needs.

Better Brushless Motors

Portescap is part of Fortive Corporation and we utilize the Fortive Business System, which is our proven business model that drives the company to an unending cycle of continuous improvement in quality, delivery, cost, and innovation. Using world-class tools, our cross-disciplinary teams of exceptional people create and improve processes that result in superior performance.

As a leading Brushless DC motor manufacturer, we are always in the process of launching new innovations (e.g. Ultra EC platform) for your applications to allow you to deliver better solutions to market faster and more easily. From standard motor products to highly customized motion systems, the Portescap team is dedicated to helping you select the optimum motion solution. Our motors have exceptional torque and speed, and perform well in harsh environments as well as in applications that require precision and durability.

Selecting Portescap as your preferred Brushless DC motor manufacturer can provide you with:
- High motion efficiency
- Increased motor life
- High acceleration
- High power/weight ratio
- Autoclavability (Brushless Motors)

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