Engineering Support

Engineering Support Innovation is our passion. With more than 70 years of experience in the motion industry, we have acquired expertise to design and develop the broadest portfolio of motor product technologies to serve the needs of a wide spectrum of applications in medical, aerospace and industrial markets. Our products include brushless DC, brush DC, stepper motors and accessories such as gearheads and encoders.   Portescap’s global design and application engineering team engages locally with our customers and provides support at every step of the process, from product selection to final delivery of the product. Early collaboration is critical to developing a feasible solution that meets your needs, optimizes application performance and minimizes risks as they relate to product reliability, cost overruns and program schedule. Through a robust program-management and stage-gate process, we collaborate with you from product design to commercialization to achieve the overall objectives of the project.   We have state-of-the-art and advanced tools that are used to design, develop and optimize a solution to meet your motion needs, including:
  • Magnetic FEA
  • Gear optimization
  • Design FMEA

Product quality and reliability remain the top priorities all along the project cycle. In addition to rigorous process validation and use of FMEA and 3P processes, we continuously solicit feedback from our customers until the product is commercialized and mass produced in a lean manufacturing environment.   Learn more about how the Portescap team can support you. Contact us today.

Motor with gearbox and value add assemblyCustom heat treated shaftBrushless DC