Standards & Quality

Best Practices

Quality is the driving force at Portescap and is an unending process that finds expression in both our products and our approach to doing business. Motion solutions from Portescap are built to provide reliable high performance in some of the most demanding and performance critical applications.

There is continued emphasis on new tools and skill development in quality-related areas. Associates across the organization receive training in problem solving to improve skills for identification and elimination of root causes. Tools and techniques related to reliability are used with a focus on improving quality systems, reducing variability and building quality into all aspects of the business.

Our goal is to eliminate reactive problem fixing and to push for 100% proactive prevention. Portescap manufacturing sites adhere to regular and comprehensive audits to ensure product and process quality. In line with our commitment to the highest quality standards, our deep concern for the environment and the well-being of our associates, Portescap’s manufacturing facilities have earned the following accreditations.