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Design and Motor Selection Tools

01. Search & Select

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Not sure which technology or motor you need?

Visit our MotionCompass

Find performance based recommendations based on your requirements and application needs.

02. Sample

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Know what you need or need to narrow scope &focus?

Shop our eStore

Here you can easily navigate and review different motors or specifications. Purchase on demand or submit an RFQ depending on availability and your location.

03. Engineer Collaboration

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One size does not fit all. That's why collaboration is key.

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We strongly believe that working together from early in the ideation stage will help create the most impact.

04. Optimized Design

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Partnership yields the most user benefit for your product.

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We understand the relation between motion solution and end product performance and benefits. Work with Portescap to realize all your goals.

Wherever you are in your motion solution selection journey, our tools and processes were developed with Engineers in mind.

  • Not sure what technology or miniature motor you need? Check out MotionCompass.

    Our dynamic motor selection tool allows you to input your required operating points and provides you performance based motor recommendations. If you have specific application performance requirements, the tool allows you to refine the recommendations based on key parameters, including speed, efficiency, power and current.

  • Have an idea of what you need? Check out our eStore.

    The Portescap motor eStore offers an easier way to narrow down your scope and focus of relevant motors available for immediate purchase or via request-for-quote. For those familiar with Portescap and our technologies, the Estore offers a faster and more efficient way to navigate and review our motors and specifications. *Please note we cannot ship to Brazil, China, Japan, Korea or India.

  • At Portescap, we pride ourselves on the collaboration our engineering team is able to provide. We strongly believe the earlier we can begin working together in your design process, the better the value we can provide. (Learn more: https://blog.portescap.com/collaborative-innovation-partnering-with-portescap).

  • We understand the relation between motion solution and end product performance and benefits. We want you to be able to realize all your goals and will work with you to create the most optimized design for your requirements.