Commercial Aviation Plane

Portescap's technology breadth and design expertise have made us a proven motion solution provider for a variety of aerospace applications, including both commercial and military aircrafts. Our motor solutions can be used to improve the passenger experience from seat actuation for comfortable seating to motors for automated window shades with low noise and smooth operation – helping to maintain an ideal passenger experience. Our small but powerful motors can also be used in aerospace applications that must be precise and able to withstand harsh environments.

Additionally, Portescap motors can be used for many valves and actuators that perform critical functions such as regulating flow of fuel to the engine to controlling airflow. With highly specialized designs from Portescap, you get reliable solutions that are resistant to thermal and mechanical shock and capable of delivering the necessary power and long life required for these applications, all in a small, lightweight envelope.

Typical Motor Requirements

  • High motor efficiency
  • Rugged designs
  • High motor power density
  • Long life design
  • Gearhead and encoder options