Motors for Environmental Control Systems


Environmental Control Systems

Environmental Control System (ECS) valves efficiently and reliably manage the temperature and pressure-regulated air for heating, pressurizing, and ventilating the aircraft cabin to maximize passenger comfort and safety. Precision motors used for these applications must be lightweight and compact to improve the aircraft’s fuel efficiency, provide control to ensure the proper positioning and operation of the valve, and operate reliably to minimize maintenance costs.

Portescap supplies a variety of motor technologies that are well-suited for ECS valves. Stepper motors are ideal for regulated valves, given their precise positioning capabilities, while brush DC motors are a lightweight and economical solution for on/off valves. Our Ultra EC BLDC motors can be employed by both types of valve applications, with brushless flat slotted motors (such as Portescap’s ECF range) providing a BLDC solution in an extremely compact form factor.


  • Optimized power and torque dense designs (compact and lightweight)
  • Highly efficiency solutions
  • Capability to withstand harsh environments
  • Precise positioning and low inertia for quick start and stop

Customization Options

  • Consultative design approach to meet exact performance requirements
  • Capability to support integrated solutions
  • Design flexibility to operate in critical environments (temperature, shock, vibration)
  • Redundant hall sensors or unique position pickup to confirm the location of the motor/valve
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