Motors for Flight Control Systems


Flight Control Systems

The numerous components comprising flight control systems serve a variety of critical functions in today’s rotary and stationary aircraft. From providing input to one of the numerous control surfaces to delivering feedback to the pilot, a highly reliable, compact, and lightweight motion solution is key. These motors play a critical role in the operation of the aircraft, and their location within the aircraft means that they may be exposed to high vibration, shock, and extreme temperature ranges.

Portescap's breadth of miniature motor technologies, combined with our decades of motion control expertise, ensure that we provide precision solutions suited for diverse aircraft operating environments. Our Ultra EC brushless DC slotless motor designs deliver reliable performance in a power dense package, and our BLDC slotted motor technology delivers increased ruggedness in a similarly compact envelope.


  • Compact and lightweight envelope
  • Optimized power and torque dense designs
  • Capability to withstand harsh environments
  • Low inertia designs for quick start and stop
  • Low EMI/EMC

Customization Options

  • Consultative design approach to meet exact performance requirements
  • Capability to support integrated solutions
  • Design flexibility to support custom output shaft & interface features for modular designs
  • Electrical magnetic coil customization to meet exact device torque & speed
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