Minimotors for Textile Yarn Guide


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Thread guide mechanisms and precision winding machines in textile machines require fast and accurate positioning and motion control. Key to the functionality of the guide mechanism is the ability of a miniature motor to accurately position and guide the yarn during winding. Our unique disc magnet motor technology combines the precise movement of a stepper motor and the high acceleration of a brushless DC motor. The result is a motion solution capable of angular acceleration of 300,000 rad/s2 with the simple control of a stepper motor.


  • The shortest dynamic motion time (> 300,000 rad/s2 angular acceleration)
  • Increased speed capability over hybrid stepper motors
  • High accuracy and control
  • Long life and low noise

Customization Options

  • Ball bearings to increase life
  • Customized windings
  • Encoders for position feedback to outperform brushless servo motors
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