Motor Solutions for Automated Optics Control


Automated Optics Control

Surveillance applications in the industrial, security, and aerospace fields frequently use camera lenses with automated optics control. Precision motors are often used to control the zoom, focus, and iris functions of the optics system to create a clear image of a moving target. Automated optics control is most common where constant adjustment is required for long periods of time, or hands-on human operation is not possible due to location. The high efficiency, lightweight package, and broad operating temperature range of -40 C to 60 C make Portescap’s motors ideal for these applications that are often mobile and subjected to challenging elements.


  • High efficiency in a lightweight package
  • Higher torque density in compact size
  • Designed to withstand extreme operating temperatures

Customization Options

  • Gearheads for finer motion increments and increased torque
  • Encoders for position feedback
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