Motor Solutions for Dosing Dispensing Systems


Automation Dosing

From pharmaceuticals to the fragrance industry, dispensing machines require the highest accuracy in dosing and mixing of powders and liquids. Our motors provide not only a longer life but enables high machine reliability at the same time with high acceleration that helps to increase the throughput. More importantly, the multiple gearbox and encoder option maximize the machine’s output and efficiency.

Our range of motion solutions offer the required torque, speed, and precision to increase application reliability and machine throughput. Customization options are also available, such as customized windings and shaft lengths. Our Portescap team can work with you every step of the process from product selection to final delivery of the product. Early collaboration is critical to developing a feasible solution that meets your needs and to optimize application performance. See below for additional options.


  • Long life enables higher machine reliability
  • High acceleration helps increase machine throughput
  • Multiple gearbox and encoder options to maximize accuracy

Customization Options

  • Shaft lengths
  • Customized windings
  • Cables and connectors
  • Value-addition mountings such as leadscrews or pinions
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