Mini Motors for Cardiac and Vascular Applications


Proper circulation is critical to the health of the human body. Medical devices that support the circulatory system or resolve issues impacting circulation are equally critical and rely on precision medical motors for proper operation. Portescap's brushless DC and brush DC coreless motors deliver the high speeds and output power demanded to support circulatory function or remove arterial plaque or clots while simultaneously providing the high quality and reliability necessary to ensure successful device operation during procedures or surgery.

The Ultra EC Brushless DC motor platform is ideal for Atherectomy and Mechanical Circulatory Support devices. The proprietary U-coil design provides increased torque density, ensuring proper torque is delivered throughout the procedure or surgery, while the coreless design provides high speeds and rapid acceleration/deceleration to follow the needs of the patient. DC coreless motors are best suited for Thrombolysis Treatment Devices, as they deliver the proper speed and torque capabilities and quicker response time that thrombectomy devices require.

Portescap's design engineers are available to discuss standard options and customized medical motor concepts from the beginning stages of your design. From rapid standard prototypes for initial product testing to engineering proposals for optimized designs, we can help you optimize your product for maximum patient safety and reliability.

Typical Motor Requirements

  • High speed and efficiency
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Power density for increased output
  • Reliability and precision
  • Optimized motor designs