Industrial Power Tools

Industrial Power Tools

Battery-powered tools have an operating profile quite different from other motor-driven applications. At first, there’s little resistance as the bolt threads in, or as the jaws of a cutting or gripping tool approach the work piece. During this stage, a motor that operates at a faster free speed saves time and boosts productivity. Then, when the tool performs the more forceful work of tightening, cutting or gripping, the need for torque becomes paramount. A motor that delivers higher peak torque can perform a wider range of tough jobs without excessive heating.

These alternating speed and torque cycles must be constantly repeated in demanding industrial applications. Cycles can have different profiles, calling for a special motor design that minimizes the losses to achieve the best solution possible. We understand how to make your cordless tools more powerful and efficient. That’s why we created the Ultra EC™ motor platform.

Portescap provides advanced motion solutions that maximize power and efficiency while improving the user experience. Our new Ultra EC™ brushless slotless motors were engineered in Switzerland and utilize our proprietary U coil technology. This revolutionary new design optimizes speed and torque in a compact package for the most challenging applications. Fasteners, grippers and cutting tools benefit from increased performance, lower weight and greater energy-efficiency.

Typical Motor Requirements

  • Increased maximum speed
  • Higher peak torque
  • Smaller diameter
  • Lighter weight
  • Lower operating temperature

Ultra EC Overview Video