Motors for Electrical Grippers


Electrical Grippers

Pneumatic grippers have been prevalent for the last 3 decades in factory automation and are well suited for automated, low-mix, high-volume applications. With an ever-changing environment, cost optimization and additional intelligence, to meet with flexibility and high mix applications, are needed. In confined spaces, the gripper and wires might also interfere with their surroundings. Error proofing is required now to detect incorrect or missed gripping, in addition to collision risks and unpredictable position moves. Operating costs are closely monitored, so wasted energy and maintenance costs are tracked to improve the overall system efficiency.

The move towards Electric Grippers allows for better control of the gripper finger position, grip detection, and control of the grip force and speed. Electric grippers also eliminate the need for air lines, thus saving power and maintenance while producing a cleaner work environment.


  • High motor efficiency increases battery life and duty cycles
  • Low inertia and high speed reduces cycle time
  • Brushless DC slotless technology provides long lasting and reliable operation
  • High power density motor with low weight are valued in space limited environments
  • Motor feedback can be incorporated for grip programming instead of timers, creating more efficient programs

Customization Options

  • Hall sensors option for accurate positioning
  • Multiple windings and gearboxes to tailor speed and torque
  • Special materials to withstand shock, high duty cycles and temperature constraints
  • Motor integration into device to save weight and reduce size
  • Temperature probe for optimized thermal management
  • BLDC motors available with integrated electronic for easier control
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