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Battery-powered tools have an operating profile quite different from other motor-driven applications. At first, there’s little resistance as the bolt threads in, which represents the longest part of the tightening cycle. During this stage, a motor that operates at a faster free speed saves time and boosts productivity.

Then, when the tool performs the more forceful work of tightening, the need for torque becomes paramount during a short period of time. A motor that delivers higher peak torque can perform a wider range of tough jobs without excessive heating.

Portescap provides advanced motion solutions that maximize power and efficiency while improving the user experience. We’re pleased to present our new Ultra EC™ brushless slotless motors, engineered in Switzerland and introducing our proprietary U coil technology. This revolutionary new design optimizes speed and torque in a compact package for the most challenging applications.


  • Ultra EC provides high torque density which in turn enables smaller and lighter tools
  • Best in class slotted Brushless DC motors for high voltage applications
  • High efficiency increases battery life and duty cycles
  • High speed reduces cycle time
  • BLDC slotless technology provides long lasting and reliable motorization

Customization Options

  • Multiple windings and gearboxes to tailor speed and torque
  • Special materials to withstand shock, high duty cycles and temperature constraints
  • Motor integration into device to save weight and reduce size
  • Temperature probe for optimized thermal management
  • Custom shaft configurations
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