Motors for Industrial Screwdrivers


Power Screwdriver

When productivity and increased case temperature become a challenge, efficient power hand tools are the solution to save time and increase throughput.

Used in various tightening conditions, accuracy, repeatability and reliable duty cycles are the critical factors for powered screwdrivers. Portescap Brushless DC and DC Coreless motors, in both corded and cordless tools, offer high peak torque capabilities as well as impressive run-down speeds, to enable electric tools to offer best-in-class performances to increase productivity. The light weight and high torque density motors allow the optimized design to meet reduced outside diameter and lower weight: the hand-tool is light, ergonomic and agile for all levels of assembly.


  • Ultra EC provides high torque density which in turn enables smaller and lighter tools
  • Superior Brushed DC design to meet with high speed & torque performances
  • High efficiency increases battery life and duty cycles
  • High speed reduces cycle time
  • BLDC slotless technology provides long lasting and reliable motorization

Customization Options

  • Multiple windings and gearboxes to tailor speed and torque
  • Special materials to withstand shock, high duty cycles and temperature constraints
  • Motor integration within the tool to save weight and reduce size
  • Temperature probe for optimized thermal management
  • Shaft length, shape and pinion mounting
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