Ambulatory Enteral Feeding Pumps


Enteral Pump

For patients that require enteral feeding for their entire nutrition or hydration intake, feeding can require a substantial portion of the day. Ambulatory enteral feeding pumps allow these patients to continue their daily activities at the same time as they are receiving the nutrients they require. Portescap's high power density coreless DC brushed Athlonix motors allow pump designers to improve patient freedom and discretion. The high power density ironless rotor reduces the size and weight of the motor itself, and its high efficiency allows for smaller batteries to further reduce the weight of the pump. Low noise spur gearboxes reduce the sound produced by the pump for both patient comfort and discretion in public settings.


  • High-efficiency motors for longer battery life and increased mobility and freedom
  • High power density for more compact and mobile pumps
  • Low noise for comfort while sleeping and discretion while on-the-go
  • Increased reliability and lifetime due to precious metal commutation
  • Cost-optimized design

Customization Options

  • Compact integrated encoder and gearhead solutions
  • Ball bearing options for longer life under high side loads
  • Electrical magnetic coil customization to accommodate specific power inputs
  • High-level assembly integration
  • Custom output shaft and housing interface features
  • Plastic and helical gears for noise reduction
  • Backdriving safety (one way bearing ratchet option)
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