Ambulatory Infusion Pump Motors


Infusion Pump

Caregivers and patients depend on home and ambulatory infusion pumps to provide continued drug therapy in the comfort of the patient's home or on-the-go, avoiding costly in-patient care. These pumps must be small, cost-effective, and easy to use, often without the assistance of a medical professional.

Portescap's powerful and efficient precision motors allow for compact pump designs that can still handle the flow rates of hospital setting infusions, and provide long battery life for mobility both inside and outside of the home. Low noise gearheads are available for patient comfort and discretion, and feedback solutions allow for cost effective but precise delivery control.


  • High-efficiency motors for longer battery life and increased mobility and freedom
  • High power density for more compact and mobile pumps
  • Low noise for comfort while sleeping and discretion while on-the-go
  • Increased reliability thanks to precious metal commutation

Customization Options

  • Compact integrated encoder and gearhead solutions
  • Ball bearing options for longer life under high side loads
  • Electrical magnetic coil customization to accommodate specific power inputs
  • High-level assembly integration
  • Custom output shaft and housing interface features
  • Plastic and helical gears for noise reduction
  • Custom integrated feedback solutions for cost effective but precise delivery control
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