High Efficiency Motors for Insulin Pumps


Insulin Pump

More and more patients are switching to an insulin pump delivery system to provide customized, fast, reliable, and precise insulin delivery in a small lightweight package. Portescap’s compact and efficient motors and custom gearing offer a miniature motion solution able to operate longer on standard commercial batteries. High-count miniature encoders control the accurate delivery of insulin down to micro units for continuous delivery, as well as during larger bolus insulin delivery.


  • High-efficiency solutions for longer battery operating life
  • High-count encoder for accurate fluid delivery
  • Precious metal commutation for increased reliability
  • Durable mechanical designs for long device life
  • High-level motion integration
  • Low-noise solution

Customization Options

  • Integrated encoder gearhead solution for compactness
  • Ball bearing options for longer life under side loads
  • Electrical magnetic coil optimization for precise torque and speed performance
  • Mechanical customizations for top-level device integration
  • Fully customizable 8mm Brushless DC gearmotors available on request.
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