Hospital Infusion Pump Motor


Hospital Infusion Pump

Clinicians and patients rely on pumps for safe and accurate administration of nutrients and medications. Along with the ability to continuously deliver fluids in flows ranging from a few milliliters to liters per hour, motorized pumps also provide repeatable and precise delivery.

Portescap's high efficiency and high torque density motor solutions help reduce size and increase the back-up battery life for more mobile clinical pumps. High quality components and optimized designs increase the useful life of the pump for lower cost of care. Additionally, Portescap's miniature high-count encoders allow for accurate and repetitive delivery of fluid. High-strength customized gearing reduces noise levels for patient comfort during the day or while sleeping.


  • High count encoders for improved fluid delivery accuracy
  • Longer life for lower average cost of care thanks to precious metal commutation
  • Greater power density for smaller pump designs
  • Low noise for quiet device operation
  • High efficiency motors for longer back-up battery life

Customization Options

  • Compact integrated encoder and gearhead solutions
  • Ball bearing options for longer life under side loads
  • Electrical magnetic coil customization to accommodate specific power inputs
  • High-level assembly integration
  • Custom output shaft and housing interface features
  • Plastic or helical gears for noise reduction
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