Motors for Dialysis Machines


Dialysis Machines

For patients experiencing kidney failure, dialysis serves as a crucial treatment that filters waste and excess fluid from the blood. Dialysis takes two forms: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, both of which aid patients by mimicking normal kidney functions. Treatments take place over several hours and can occur multiple days in a week, requiring the machine to operate quietly and efficiently for patient comfort.

Our Ultra ECTM brushless DC motors, coupled with planetary gearboxes, provide the high power output and long life necessary for the pump drive. Stepper linear actuators enable accurate valve positioning, offering precise movement via direct linear motion. Both solutions can be customized to meet the stringent machine requirements and reduce the overall architecture.


  • Increased reliability and long life from brushless slotless technology
  • Low noise for patient comfort during treatment
  • Direct linear movement for repeatable valve positioning
  • High torque from planetary gearboxes ensures proper fluid flow

Customization Options

  • Ball bearings for higher load capability
  • Encoders for position feedback
  • Gearbox output shaft modifications
  • Various windings to meet working point range
  • Options for stroke length
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