Miniature motors for Pipettes



Electronic pipettes are laboratory tools used for accurate and repeatable delivery of samples and reagents in the fields of molecular biology, analytical chemistry and medicine.

Portescap’s compact and efficient solutions allow electronic pipettes to be more ergonomic and to dispense faster and for longer periods of time before needing to be recharged. Our integral linear actuation system simplifies and accelerates the design of handheld pipettes, while its higher actuation force enables users to handle a wider range of liquids that can be dispensed through multi-channel solutions.


  • Faster time to market and improved ergonomics with compact integrated solutions
  • High efficiency for longer operation time on battery power
  • High count encoder for accuracy of fluid delivery
  • Higher reliability and life time of precious metal brushes in brush DC motors

Customization Options

  • Lead screw integration
  • Winding voltage adjustment
  • Custom lead screw pitch
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