Contrast Injectors


Contrast InjectorContrast injector systems are important as they permit visibility-enhancing substances such as iron-based or radioactive materials to be introduced at targeted locations within the human body. The presence of this contrast makes it possible to produce imaging studies for radiology, angioplasty, and other catheterizations that readily distinguish one set of tissue from another of critical importance to a surgeon.

Portescap’s brushless DC motors allow the precise and accurate contrast agent to flow into the body safely and efficiently.  

Our motors have a compact design and provide maximum torque and power in a small diameter.  Portescap’s motors are designed for quiet operation and high reliability for the medical environment.


  • High power density motor enhances the design possibilities for compact & mobile devices 
  • Low noise & vibration improve patient comfort
  • Cogging-free rotation for greater precision and improved outcomes

Customization Options

  • Custom output shaft & interface features for modular designs
  •  Electrical magnetic coil customization to meet exact device torque & speed needs
  • Optical encoder for high accuracy and safe contrast delivery
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