Motors for Dental CAD CAM Milling Machines


Dental CAD Milling Machine

Milling dental prostheses faster, using strong material and with the best surface finish, requires high power and high speed motors for the spindle axis. Live temperature monitoring directly from inside the coil of the motor ensures reliable operation whilst delivering maximum throughput.

Laboratories are increasingly looking for smaller benchtop machines, without compromising on the power of the spindle.

The 35ECS and 30ECT, part of Portescap’s family of Ultra EC™ brushless motors, provide exceptional power ratings. Highly efficient by design thanks to their proprietary Ultra EC coil technology, their small footprint allows room for active cooling to push the power boundaries even further. Cooler operating temperature of the motor will result in more durable spindle and spaced out service operations.



  • High power rating allows for the ability to drill hard material 
  • High-speed capability for optimal teeth prosthetic surface finish
  • Temperature probe for optimized thermal management
  • Low iron losses (less heating) when operating at high speed
  • BLDC slotless technology provides long lasting and reliable operation

Customization Options

  • Coil and magnetic design customization to tailor speed and torque
  • Tube and shaft modifications for optimized integration of the ball bearing spindle which support the forces on the milling tool
  • With or without hall sensor depending on drive requirements
  • Cables and connectors
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