Motors for Exoskeleton Applications



Exoskeleton is an external structure that supports and protects a subject’s body. Powered exoskeletons are wearable robots or portable devices attached to a subject’s limbs, using principles of electro-simulation to first detect a subject’s movements and then replace or enhance them. These are typically used after an accident, disease or a periodic/permanent paralysis, across hospitals and rehabilitation centers that address the needs of elderly and handicapped persons, or even those afflicted with spinal cord injury, stroke, etc.

Exoskeletons commonly use miniature brushless DC motors with additional products such as gearboxes for attaining high torque and encoders for positional feedback. Typical application requirements include high torque, long battery life and the ability to work under load, e.g. in a seated position or on a staircase. Portescap's flat brushless DC and DC servo motors are designed for long battery operating time with a lightweight package, making them ideal to power exoskeleton applications.


  • High torque with compact size
  • Extended battery operating time
  • Long lifetime
  • High efficiency with low power consumption, weight and volume
  • Ability to work under load (e.g. sitting position, walking on staircase)

Customization Options

  • Gearheads for high torque and finer resolution
  • Encoders for position feedback
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