Motors for Laboratory Automation


Medical Automation

Advances in micro-fluidics and increasing demand for improved patient care are driving the design of medical devices, clinical analyzers and assay preparation equipment to increase throughput while maintaining exceptional reliability.

Our innovative product technologies enhance the consistency and standards of workflows, resulting in improved quality and more reliable data. Portescap's extensive range of flexible and scalable automation products and medical motors have solutions for every laboratory, covering the entire spectrum of size, scale and application needs.


  • Dynamic solutions with higher throughput and low inertia
  • Reduced equipment footprint with high power density of brushless and brush DC solutions
  • Low operating noise level
  • Single vendor for all motion needs

Customization Options

  • Integrated encoder solution for closed-loop systems
  • Winding optimizations
  • Shaft modifications
  • Pinion/pulley added to shafts
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