Motors for Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment


Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment Devices

Maintaining proper blood flow is critical for tissue oxygenation. When blood flow is obstructed, discomfort, loss of limbs and even death can occur. Orbital and rotational atherectomy procedures cut or grind away calcified plaque to restore blood in diseased vessels. There are many different motion approaches to atherectomy. Some devices rotate at very high speeds and grind plaque away, while some devices rotate more slowly and cut plaque. Portescap’s wide miniature motor portfolio contains the right medical motor solution for all atherectomy approaches. While coreless brush DC motors enable high efficiency and torque for battery-operated disposable devices, brushless motors allow for smooth high-speed and high-torque operation.


  • Improved ergonomics due to compact high-power-density motor solutions
  • High efficiency for longer operation time on battery power
  • Smooth motion and improved tactile feel through coreless coil technology
  • Inherent safety and rapid speed changes driven by low inertia rotors
  • Sterilizable options available for reusable designs
  • Cost-effective solution for disposable devices
  • Low vibration and noise level for quieter operation

Customization Options

  • Coil windings designed for high-efficiency battery-powered applications
  • Shaft design to interface with catheter coupler
  • Electrical magnetic coil customization to meet exact device torque and speed needs
  • Autoclavable or non-autoclavable designs available
  • Cannulated motor shafts to allow passage of guide wire
  • Integrated electronics available for some brushless motors
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