Motors for Podiatry Instruments


Podiatry Hand ToolDepending on the procedure and the type of cutter used, the handpiece of a foot care device is used at a wide velocity range combined with high torque. Often the available power is limited, as the power supply of the system needs not only to supply the motor, but also an additional spray or air suction function integrated into the handpiece. Furthermore, for safety and comfort of the operator, the surface temperature of the handpiece needs to be kept below a certain level, which requires an efficient motor with minimal heating regardless of it's working point.

Managing these various factors can be a challenge, which Portescap can help to overcome.

Within its Ultra EC Brushless DC motor product family, Portescap is able to provide a powerful and compact motion solution for podiatry applications.  The 16mm diameter 2-pole BLDC motor, available in either 36mm or 52mm lengths, would be a perfect fit.  Its proprietary U-shaped coil allows designers to maximize the generation of useful torque, resulting in a more efficient motor with exceptional torque capability. This motor is also available in a price-to-performance version, the 16ECP, as well as an ultra high speed version, the 16ECS. 


  • Proprietary coil provides best-in-class power density
  • Compact dimensions & low weight enable an ergonomic handpiece design
  • High efficiency for reduced heating (losses)
  • A balanced rotor for minimum vibration and reduced noise
  • 2-pole design provides a cost-efficient solution

Customization Options

  • Shaft modifications
  • Customized mounting options
  • Connector integrated into the motor instead of a cable for improved hygiene
  • Coil voltage options to meet limitations of the power supply 
  • Sensorless motor version available
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