Motors for Point-of-Care Portable Analyzers


Handheld AnalyzersHandheld portable point-of-care (poc) analyzers help streamline processes to accelerate decision-making, increase efficiency, and promote patient-centric care. Within minutes of placing the sample into the analyzer, the sample’s cells have been quantified, and the results are analyzed and displayed.

Portescap’s DC and brushless DC motors provide the speed and precision needed for handling the tests.

Our motors have a compact design and provide maximum torque and power in a small diameter. Designed for quiet operation and high reliability in medical environments, Portescap motors make the perfect addition to these life-critical applications. 


  • High power density enhances the design possibilities for compact & mobile devices 
  • Higher motor efficiency for longer battery operation time, thanks to coreless technology
  • Cogging-free rotation for greater precision & improved outcomes

Customization Options

  • Custom output shaft & interface features for modular designs
  • Electrical magnetic coil customization to meet exact device torque & speed
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