Motion Solutions for Thrombolysis Treatment Devices


Thrombolysis Treatment Devices

Blood normally flows freely through your blood vessels in order to carry oxygen and nutrients to your body. However, the blood flow can be blocked when the blood thickens and clumps to form a blood clot in a vessel, which can cause damage to nearby tissues. The clot must then quickly be removed to ensure a clean bill of health.

A common procedure for blood clot removal is thrombolysis treatment. In this approach, thrombectomy devices utilize different motion approaches to remove the blood clot, with mechanical devices depending on a DC motor to fragment and extract the thrombus. The 22mm and 24mm DC Coreless motors, as well as high speed coreless brush DC motors, provide the higher speed and torque capability, wider speed range coverage, and competitive price/performance necessary to meet the requirements of thrombectomy devices.


  • Lower weight provides improved ergonomics for optimal tactile feel during the procedure
  • Higher speed capability to accommodate variance in patients
  • Coreless design provides quicker response time and speed consistency
  • Coil optimization delivers maximum performance
  • High quality and reliability eliminate patient complications
  • Value optimized design for disposable devices

Customization Options

  • Shaft design options for precise mechanical interface
  • Electro-magnetic coil customization to meet exact device torque and speed needs
  • Encoder and code wheel feedback
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