Ultrasound Transducer Motors



Clinicians continue to apply ultrasound technology in new ways and demand higher levels of mobility. This requires innovations in size, efficiency and accuracy of motor driven ultrasound probes to deliver a flexible end user experience.

Portescap's motor solutions can meet the applications demands of 3D ultrasound transducers or mobile 2D ultrasound applications. The breadth of our motor technology expertise means we can provide solutions for accurate, high acceleration stepper controlled systems as well as repeatable brush/brushless DC solutions that can be configured with the right gear box and encoder feedback to meet any application needs.


  • System solutions that match your control technology; Stepper, Brush DC, or Brushless DC with gear box and encoder feedback.
  • High efficiency motion solutions for battery powered devices.
  • Lightweight with low operating noise and vibration

Customization Options

  • Integrated gear box available with many ratios.
  • Accurate, integrated encoder feedback for closed-loop systems.
  • Shaft modifications and other mechanical interfaces.
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