Motion Solutions for Automated Guided Vehicles


Automated Guided VehiclesAutomated Guided Vehicles (AGV's) are portable robots designed to operate without direct human intervention or guidance. AGV's continue to grow in popularity due to the lower cost of ownership and improved technology providing increased safety, accuracy, and productivity.

The motor systems used to drive the wheels play a critical role as they need to provide a continuous high torque for acceleration under a load, while maintaining accurate control to complete a dynamic stop for safety reasons. It is difficult to achieve all of the required operating points in a compact package which results in weight increases and a reduction in the usable service time between recharging the battery.

Portescap offers a range of efficient and reliable Brush DC, Brushless DC, and Ultra ECTM BLDC motors for use in AGV applications. These motors can be paired with gearheads, encoders, and brakes to meet the small size, high efficiency, and precise positioning required. These motors are also capable of operating in harsh environments, extreme temperature ranges, and low noise.


  • Improved Safety - High resolution encoders provide precise position feedback and low inertia allows for quick starts/stops
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership - Highly reliable motors extend the life of the device
  • Extended Run Time - Highly efficient and torque dense motor designs reduce weight
  • Lightweight solution allows for reduced weight of the vehicle
  • Compact motor package without compromising very high torque
  • Low inertia
  • Low noise

Customization Options

  • Electro-magnetic coil customization to meet exact
    device torque and speed
  • Custom high torque gearbox
  • High resolution encoder for precise positions
  • Plug and play motor terminals/pins
  • Custom mechanical designs for added reliability
  • Multi-layer insulation for hi-voltage protection
  • Value additions including brakes, encoders, geartrains and other customizations
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