Bionics Prosthetics and Exoskeletons



Bionic Systems, such as powered prosthetics and powered exoskeletons, help disabled people to regain mobility and independence in their everyday life, as well as being able to enhance human body capabilities in a factory or in challenging environments.

When it comes to selecting a miniature motion system, typical requirements for Bionic and Exoskeleton Systems include miniaturization for an easier and compact integration, low weight & precision for superior handling, and efficiency for increased battery life. Some also require good heat dissipation and high torque at low speed. This makes Portescap brush DC coreless and brushless slotless Ultra EC motors a perfect fit. Combining accessories such as planetary gearheads to adapt the motor speed & torque, or encoders for precise position control & smooth motion, still allows the mini motion system to retain a small footprint.

Portescap mini motors can be found in Bionic Systems such as Prosthetics (for hands, knees and feet) as well as in Exoskeletons (for hips, knees, ankles, shoulders and arms).


  • High torque with compact size and low weight
  • Extended battery operating time
  • High efficiency with low power consumption
  • Precise and smooth motion

Customization Options

  • Encoder for position feedback
  • High torque gearhead
  • Coil adapted to the power supply
  • Mechanical integration to minimize footprint
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