Motors for LiDar Applications



Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) systems are gaining prominence due to the ease they offer in terms of examination, detection, and mapping of objects, thereby replacing conventional methods such as sonar and radar. LiDAR systems are also used over conventional surveying methods due to their ability to provide highly accurate data and 3D scanning of images in a shorter time. These systems are finding their use in harsh and rugged environments, including marine systems, airports, security, aerospace and port automation, which helps end users to improve safety, efficiency and cost.

In the quest for increased miniaturization, LiDar architecture is seeing a transition from a prism based system to a mirror system being driven by miniature motors. Mini motors are able to provide advantages such as lower heat dissipation and power consumption as well as smaller power supply. Portescap’s Ultra EC Brand of brushless slotless motors are able to provide the high efficiency and power needed in a compact and lightweight package. Along with accessories such as gearheads and encoders, Portescap is able to provide the complete motion solution for most LiDAR applications.


  • Greater efficiency
  • Optimum package size
  • High torque density
  • Lower speed drop under load
  • Cost efficient

Customization Options

  • Connectors
  • Different coil impedance
  • Shaft lengths
  • Mechanical integration upon request (housing, front & rear flange, shaft)
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