Motors and Gearheads for Solar Panel Cleaning Robots


Solar Panel Cleaning Robots

DC coreless motors that are fully enclosed are the perfect solution for powering Solar Panel Cleaning Robots. These motors are light in weight, energy efficient, long lasting (reduce the overall cost of ownership) and maintenance free. The lighter weight makes the machines easier to handle, reduces the strain on the rails and prevents any inadvertent and costly damage to solar panels, thus allowing longer work time during cleaning application.

Portescap offers several price-to-performance DC coreless motors & gearheads optimally suited for SPCRs. The 25GST, 30GT & 35GLT Brush DC motors paired with R32 & R40 GH's along with E9 encoders provide high torque output at a given input voltage along with precision positioning. With these solutions, SPCRs can clean the panels efficiently without the need for downtime. Higher efficiency keeps the motor temperature low, especially in arid & high temperatures, and the special carbon brush commutation & reduced electro erosion coils allows for longer working life.


  • High torque in a small package size
  • Higher speed at torque points allows faster cleaning
  • Carbon brush commutation for increased reliability (low maintenance) and longer life
  • Variable and broader spectrum of speed and torque to serve both wheel and brush axis

Customization Options

  • Higher torque gearbox in 32/40mm envelope
  • Shaft modifications to suit belt drive and gearing mechanism
  • Custom solution to meet IP 54 protection
  • Coil voltage options to meet battery requirements
  • Design optimization to drive multiple axis with a single motor & gearhead thus reducing cost
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