Can Stack Linear Actuators for Stage Lighting


Stage Lighting

Modern days stage Lights are playing an important and emotional role in all performance arts such as opera, theater, dance or architectural exhibitions. LED technology has been an impactful technology improvement over the past years, bringing intelligent stage lighting equipment to the highest technical level.

Portescap's Stepper Linear Actuators product line exactly meets the application need of LED moving heads lights. Stepper Linear Actuators provide high linear force and extended stroke length to enable a perfect movement of the lens and ensure the accurate beam spread. The actuators are designed to provide the lowest level of noise and vibrations and highest repeatability, to provide consistent beam angle accuracy and light stabilization. With multiple customization options, Portescap's Stepper Linear Actuators will help you bring your Stage Lighting application to the highest level of quality and performance.


  • High linear force
  • Specific ball bearings design for longer life
  • Low vibration design for a better accuracy of the lens movement
  • Low noise

Customization Options

  • Multiple windings to tailor speed and torque
  • Extended Stroke lengths
  • Wire length and connectors
  • End of stroke sensor
  • Adaptor tips
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