Miniature Motors for Automated Watch Winder


Automated Watch Winder

A self-winding watch is a mechanical watch whose mainspring is wound automatically as a result of natural motion of the wearer's arm. This provides energy to run the watch, and eliminates the need for winding the watch manually. It’s a sophisticated product that needs frequent care and attention, and its internal mechanism may get jammed if not kept in use over a period of time.

A watch winder is designed to reproduce the natural movements of the wearer’s wrist, thus keeping the watch wound. This ensures the durability of the watch as well as its precision. A high performance motor controlled by a microprocessor is responsible for regulating the winder rotations throughout the day. Portescap's DC Coreless motors are ideal for automated watch winders providing multiple options in diameter. All models operate with a high efficiency and thus promote long battery life. Gearheads are available to provide higher torque and finer resolution while operating with minimum noise.


  • High efficiency for longer battery life
  • Low noise due to lower input speed into the gearbox
  • Enhanced accuracy and speed
  • Commutation system chosen based on requirements
  • Multiple diameter options to suit space envelope

Customization Options

  • Ball bearings for longer life
  • Encoders for position feedback
  • Shaft modifications
  • Multiple gear ratios available
  • Coil voltage options to match battery supply
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