Motors for Electronic Gear Shifting Systems for Bicycles


Electronic Gearshift System

Widely used on pro-cycling bicycles, electronic gear shift systems provide unparalleled end user experience. The high speed and dynamic response combined with high precision of the shifter is the key for premium shifiting feeling. The trend being wireless groupsets with embedded battery cells, small motor footprint with customized integration of the gearing system is required.

Portescap Athlonix brush DC motor is the ideal choice for power-density and low weight in a small footpint thanks to the coreless technology. The low inertia of the self-standing coil and the peak power allows for high dynamic response. Custom gearing offer a miniature motion solution tailored to the shifting system requirements.


  • High dynamic response thanks fo the low inertia and peak power capability
  • Coreless motor technology with powerful magnet benefit to the small weight and overall size of the groupset
  • Integrated custom gearing system allows for optimal use of the space available
  • Reliable due to the high quality commutation
  • Robust to shock and vibration thanks to full metal tube

Customization Options

  • Mechanical customizations for top-level device integration
  • Electrical magnetic coil optimization for precise torque and speed performance
  • Custom gearing with adapted gear ratio and backlash
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