Motors for Refrigeration Valve Actuator


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Energy-efficient and leak-proof seals are critical for electric refrigeration valves. Portescap provides geared can stack and direct-drive linear actuator solutions with custom subassembly capability that allows for streamlined integration into the valve body, yielding precision flow control of refrigerants.

Our vast experience with custom valve solutions and our understanding of refrigerant control lets us provide you with cost-effective innovative systems that are environmentally protective and space-efficient.


  • Cost effective – compact design, low integration cost
  • Maintenance free – no brush wear
  • Can stack linear technology – optimizes application space
  • Multiple lead screw pitch options
  • Mechanical component reduction
  • Technical expertise providing multiple solutions

Customization Options

  • Coil optimizations – adjust resistance and inductance for a specific voltage
  • Special cables – lead length, insulation, connectors, shrink tubing
  • Lead screw lengths
  • Custom shafts – flats, knurling, length
  • Geared options to increase linear force
  • Special mounting flanges
  • Magnets – to yield higher torque or reduced detent torque level
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