Motors for Rotary Tattoo Machines


Tattoo Machine

Rotary tattoo machines are becoming a popular choice for artists versus the traditional coil machines. As opposed to electromagnetic coils, a rotary machine uses a DC coreless motor to drive the needles, making the machine lighter in weight and quieter. These rotary machines are easier to set up and require less tuning and lower maintenance than the traditional coil machines. The lighter weight makes the machines easier to handle and reduces the strain on the artist, allowing longer work time during tattoo applications.

Portescap offers several options in DC coreless products that are ideally suited for rotary tattoo machines. Our 16N78, 17N78 and 22N78 provide high torque and speed output at a given input voltage, allowing the artist to create clean, beautiful tattoos on various skin types. Higher efficiency keeps the motor temperature low, maintaining a comfortable grip temperature for the artist using the rotary machine.


  • High efficiency for lower grip temparture (low losses) during operation
  • Higher speed at torque points allows cleaner inking
  • Precious metal commutation for increased reliability (low maintenance) and reduced noise level
  • Variable and broader spectrum of speed and torque to serve all skin types

Customization Options

  • Front ball bearing to handle eccentric load
  • Shaft modifications
  • Motor terminals for easy connection
  • Coil voltage options to meet lining/shading requirements
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