Precision Motors for Damper Valve Actuator


Valve Actuation

With soaring energy costs, HVAC systems play a crucial role in building design, construction and maintenance. Damper valve actuation and control, along with other critical functions, require repeatable precision and dependable operation. Global leaders in building efficiency look to Portescap's can stack precision step motors to deliver industry-leading motion performance in HVAC equipment and control systems.

With unparalleled product breadth – including motor lengths, step angles, and voltage ratings (both DC and AC) – Portescap technology solutions help keep industrial, commercial and residential buildings safe and operating at peak efficiency.


  • Cost effective – compact design, low integration cost
  • Maintenance free – no brush wear
  • AC coil design – can be driven with a simple AC control
  • Can stack linear technology – compact application

Customization Options

  • Coil optimizations – adjust resistance and inductance for a specific voltage
  • Cables – lead lengths, insulation, connectors, shrink tubing
  • Ball bearings
  • Custom shafts – flats, knurling, length
  • Value additions – pinions, gears, clutch magnets
  • Custom mounting flanges
  • Magnets – for higher torque or reduced detent torque levels
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