Motors for Ent Microdebriders


Powered ENT Drill

Effective Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Microdebriders need to be ergonomic, precise and powerful in order to effectively remove small amounts of tissue and bone.

Portescap's slotted brushless DC product line exactly meets the needs of powered microdebriders. Portescap's slotted brushless DC motors are compact and provide the most torque and power available in a small package. Portescap brushless DC motors can also be optimized for high speeds in excess of 90,000 rpm. Portescap's compact designs enable microdebriders to be smaller and more ergonomic to allow greater surgeon comfort and mobility during surgery. Additionally, Portescap's slotted brushless medical motors are sterilizable and can achieve up to and over 1,000 autoclave cycles to offer long life and low total cost-of-ownership to the end customer.


  • High torque and speed designs to remove soft tissue, hard tissue, or bone
  • Exceptional speed response for greater precision and improved surgical outcomes
  • 1,000+ autoclave cycle reliability for increased instrument life and reduced service cost
  • Custom output shaft and housing interface features
  • High efficiency for low temperature operation
  • Compact designs for increased surgeon comfort and control

Customization Options

  • Custom output shaft and interface features for modular hand tool designs
  • Electrical magnetic coil customization to meet exact device torque and speed needs
  • Front / side lead wire output for ease of assembly in hand tool
  • Autoclavable or non-autoclavable designs available
  • Custom shafts and housing seals for added reliability
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