Orthopedic Powered Drill Motors


Surgical Drill

To accomplish successful orthopedic procedures, orthopedic drills need to be powerful, efficient and lightweight.

Portescap's slotted brushless DC product line exactly meets the needs of high powered ortho drills. Portescap's slotted brushless DC motors’ magnetic coil design provides extremely high peak torque to enable surgeons to power through the thickest and densest bone with the smallest drill motors possible. Portescap's slotted high torque brushless motors are designed for high efficiency to maximize device battery life, and are sterilizable up to and over 1,000 autoclave cycles to offer long life and low total cost of ownership to the end customer in the field.


  • High torque drill motor – to power through the toughest cases
  • Customizable voltage to accommodate various battery technology options
  • Exceptional speed response for applications ranging from sawing to drilling and reaming
  • 1,000+ autoclave cycle reliability for increased instrument life and reduced service cost
  • Custom output shaft and housing interface features
  • High efficiency for reduced battery size and longer operating cycles

Customization Options

  • Hollow / cannulated shaft design for wire drivers
  • Front / side lead wire output for ease of assembly in hand tool
  • Custom shafts and housing seals for added reliability
  • Electrical magnetic coil customization to meet exact device torque and speed needs
  • Autoclavable or non-autoclavable designs available
  • Bevel gears provide motor placement flexibility for improved ergonomics and design options
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