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The technology world is rapidly adapting to miniaturization, creating a challenge for OEMs in medical and industrial applications to reduce the overall size of their product. Component miniaturization and integration allows devices to become smaller and more efficient in their creation and implementation. Micro motors play a critical role in addressing this trend.

Some examples of major markets following this miniaturization trend include the Medical and Aerospace markets: • Medical OEMs are forging ahead by evolving medical devices into a reduced form factor for more efficient patient care. As devices shrink in size, the procedures become less-invasive, allowing patients to heal more quickly. Micro motors are helping to improve the detection and treatment of cancer by advancing procedures in biopsy, imaging and radiation. In the past, a breast biopsy procedure was an anesthesia based invasive procedure that often resulted in long recovery times, visible incisions, and scarring. However, recent improvements have advanced the efficiency of the procedure and minimized discomfort and stress to the patient.

By using a micromotor powered device, a physician is able to collect and analyze multiple tissue samples from a single, small, and typically suture-less incision at a biopsy site. New powered biopsy procedures have shown to minimize biopsy incision size by up to 85% and shorten overall procedure time up to 75% compared to the more traditional scalpel method. Using a fully powered device also allows physicians to sort and organize multiple samples from single biopsy site more efficiently by using remote positioned pre-labeled sample compartments. By capturing and organizing samples more effectively, physicians can improve the accuracy and reliability of sample analysis.

• Applications in the aerospace sector have stringent requirements: importance of weight and space, low input power, temperatures extremes from -60 ºC to +150 ºC, sensitivity to noise, vibration and shock, and EMI-EMC. It is desirable to have all the above mentioned requirements in a complete drive package leveraging micro motors. Applications, such as valve actuation on aircrafts, need to perform critical functions from regulating the flow of engine fuel to controlling the air flow into the aircraft environmental systems. Depending upon the load to be overcome in these applications, various types of micromotors with gearboxes are used. For seat valve actuation in aircraft cabins, smooth operation is a key to provide the highest comfort level to passengers, despite the high application load. These needs are well addressed by graphite commutation brushed micro motors.

Portescap has developed numerous micro motor technologies including DC ironless motor, Brushless slotted and slotless motor, stepper permanent magnet and disc magnet motors. Our application engineers together with our design experts help customers define the best micro motor for their application. See our extensive range of drive technologies.

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