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Portescap E-Store Mini Motor Purchasing Available On-Line

April 15, 2021

Portescap E-Store Mini Motor Purchasing Available On-Line

Portescap has opened our new E-Store where you can find and purchase miniature motion technologies to suit any configuration, environment, or envelope. All Portescap motor technologies are available for review including Brushless DC, Coreless Brush DC, and Stepper (Can Stack, Disc Magnet, and Linear Actuator). You can view all motors within a technology and drive down to an individual motor page for a deeper evaluation. Once your selection is ready, you can purchase directly in the store if available or submit a request for a quote on the product.

Each motor technology section allows you to navigate via key specifications, including motor diameter, nominal voltage, and torque output. You can view only motors available to purchase or browse the entire catalog offering. Once you have decided on a particular motor, click to see the key specifications, product highlights, available customization, and applications. You can download the catalog page to see all of the specifications, the 3D CAD model to confirm fit in your application, or the 2D drawing to see the mechanical specifications and tolerances. Both metric and imperial units are available to view.

The motor product page provides the opportunity to see the available gearheads and encoders, including the available gear ratios and encoder resolutions. Selecting from the drop-down shows the basic specs of the specific gearhead and encoder, updating the price for the combination. Once you have your final selection, you can Add to Cart or Buy Now for available products or submit a Request for Quote where a Portescap engineer will connect with you to discuss your application.

Making a purchase requires only a few steps, including creating an account to allow for easier purchasing of products in the future. You’ll need to provide your shipping and billing details as well as your payment, then one click to confirm your order. You’ll receive a notification once your order has shipped providing you with the tracking details so you can confirm the delivery date.

Portescap provides local application support and expertise to assist customers in optimizing motor selection for their applications.