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Battery Operated Branch Tying Tool

July 14, 2022 Brush DC Motors

Professional portable power tools for specialized agricultural applications are designed to be environmentally friendly, lightweight, efficient, and to operate on low voltages. One example is the Branch Tying tool which is used to ensure the right position and alignment of the vineyard branches. This innovative device uses two motors to wind and cut the tie around the branch. This system dramatically improves productivity with a cycle time five times faster than competitive tools on the market.

A European portable tool manufacturer engaged Portescap design engineers to design an efficient motor solution that meets the physical and performance requirements of the tool design. The Portescap R&D team delivered prototypes to the customer in less than three weeks which included a coil winding that provided efficient, low voltage performance in a Brush DC Coreless design.

The Athlonix™ 24DCT coreless motor solution increased useable operation time with extended battery life. The lightweight and compact tool was more comfortable to operate, and reduced operating costs attributed to the long battery life.

24DCT Brush DC Motor

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  • Compact brush DC motor
  • Ironless construction
  • Neodymium magnet for high performance
  • Robust, lightweight design
  • Long brush life
  • Efficient, low power consumption