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ICU and Mobile Ventilators

September 5, 2022 BLDC slotless mobile ventilators

Ventilators provide critical airflow to patients with a variety of respiratory illnesses. Mobility of these machines is also growing in importance, given that patients are increasingly being cared for in a wide variety of locations, including home settings and hospitals. This means that without reliable mobile ventilators, doctors and first responders may not be able to provide the needed air flow in emergency situations.

A large medical device manufacturer asked Portescap to design an electric motor solution for a new mobile, battery-operated ventilator suitable for neonatal, pediatric and adult patients. Their application required a small, efficient blower motor to be integrated within the new ventilator device.

Portescap’s Prototype Team quickly developed a custom motor solution that met the customer’s requirements. Using an Ultra EC™ 22ECS brushless DC slotless motor that integrated the blower and controller into a value-add assembly, the ventilator was not only able to operate efficiently and successfully but was brought to market in record time.

22ECS BLDC Slotless Motor with Integrated Blower and Controller

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  • BLDC slotless design
  • Long life
  • Smooth operation
  • Compact, efficient package