New Generation of Sterilizable Arthroscopic Joint Shaver High Speed Gearmotor Joins Portescap’s Surgical Motor Solutions Portfolio

A New Landmark in Surgical Shaver Motion Control Solutions

Portescap, a global provider of miniature motion solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of the B0614A4, the latest generation of the arthroscopic joint shaver gearmotor. As one of the most advanced solutions for arthroscopic shavers, the new motor design merges Portescap’s twenty-five years of surgical motor solutions expertise with innovative technical features, resulting in a highly reliable motion solution that does not compromise on power density, speed or autoclavability.

The Size 6 brushless DC slotted motor can withstand more than 1,000 medical dishwasher and autoclave cycles. The unique output shaft seal option prevents liquids from entering the motor, thereby increasing the device’s lifetime and reliability. This premium motor is available with two standard nominal voltages.

Designed to run up to 14,000 RPM, the B0614A4 can achieve 100% more speed as compared to the speed of the prior generation. At only 106 grams, the motor’s lightweight and ergonomic design facilitates easier product handling and decreases surgeon hand strain, resulting in increased productivity. This Size 6 motor features an integrated gearhead and hall sensors for speed control. As with all Portescap’s motion solutions, the B0614A4 is easily customizable, making it easy to integrate within many powered surgical devices.

SMS B0614A4 gearmotors are an ideal solution for high speed shaver applications, specifically arthroscopic and small bone shavers. This makes the motor particularly well-suited for use in powered surgical hand tools used in minimally invasive surgical procedures to repair joints, including the hip, knee, and shoulder.

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